Should I put Gold into my IRA?

The decision to set up a gold backed IRA is a very relative one, and the answer depends on an individual’s perspective about the future of this King Of Precious Metals. One’s personal circumstances too (whether they have contribution room, whether they have confidence in the logistics of a gold IRA investment) will also play a huge part in deciding if they should or should not invest in gold.
Why would you?
While the question of “should you” is a personal choice, the reasons for “why would you” are extremely compelling.  There are at least three good reasons why you should consider holding gold and other precious metals in your IRA:
Inflation protection
Weakening US Dollar
Growth and profit potential
Any or all of these 3 reasons must be considered when deciding whether one should consider holding gold in their IRA.
Anyone with basic understanding of macro economics, that’s been following Federal Reserve (Feds) monetary policy since 2008, will know one thing for sure: When you pump huge amounts of money into an economy, there are bound to be repercussions.  And one of the most obvious of those consequences is INFLATION. However, while inflation erodes the value of most investments, it has limited downside influence on gold. So if you want to capture that protection, a Gold IRA would be a safe bet.
The Green Back
Today, there are green shoots sprouting up across the American economy, indicating that an economic recovery is taking hold. However, economies are not isolated machines and tend to work in concert with those of other countries. The economies of Europe, China and parts of the emerging markets are still not fully out of the woods. And since the US trades with those economies, the value of the Greenback could bounce up and down based on the fate of its trading partners. A stronger Euro, for instance, might mean a weaker US dollar.
While traditional investments in stocks and bonds may see volatility when the US currency weakens, gold will stay relatively strong. Under these circumstances, considering a gold IRA rollover might be a wise move.
Prospecting for growth
In times of uncertainty, precious metals like gold have always yielded great value to investors. That’s because while conventional investments (Bonds, Stocks, Equity Mutual Funds, Fixed Income Certificates) decline in value, because of its status as a “safe haven” gold thrives on uncertainty. The value of a gold backed IRA is therefore likely to see continued appreciation. Investors will not only benefit from growth, but the profits resulting from this growth will be tax sheltered. And that’s yet another reason for investors to consider holding gold in an IRA.
So, should you…?
So, should you invest in gold inside your IRA? Given all of the discussions above, it would therefore be a wise and strategic move to hold at least some part of your retirement nest egg in a precious metals IRA. You’ll need to speak to your financial advisor, and to experts conversant with managing gold IRA’s of course. But at the end of the day, it is the right decision!

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